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    Maison de la Truffe’s fabulous Tagliatelle is proper egg pasta flecked with the finest summer truffles and can turn a humble dinner into a gastronomic delicacy. Truffle tastiness is just three short minutes of cooking away. Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestivum) has always been highly prized in gastronomy, with its sweet and delicate aroma of roasted…

  • Tartufissima N°19 – Egg Pasta with Truffle


    The Tartufissima is the first truffle pasta ever produced in the world. The “Tartufissima Pasta” began in 1990, thanks to the experience and culinary imagination of Beppe, chef and founder of Tartuflanghe. Two years later the Tartufissima N19 was awarded as “Outstanding new product” at Fancy Food Summer Show of New York City. This success…

  • Rice with Truffle


    The history of rice is as long as that of the truffle, so Urbani wanted to unite the prince of rice, Carnaroli, with its black truffle creating a unique product, delicious and innovative, that pays homage to the two ancient traditions. Easy to use, it can be accompanied by many dishes, both meat and fish….

  • Truffled Tagliatelle


    Tagliatelle pasta, one of the world’s most famous Italian pasta, along with truffle create one of the most famous recipes of Italian cuisine. Urbani Tartufi amalgamated the pure truffle into the mixture of tagliatelle, creating one of the top selling products of the entire range of the company. Thus were born the Truffled Tagliatelle. A…